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24 Aug 2016
Chinese food boxes as the name show used for Chinese food items, Chinese food items are unique in shape, taste and healthy for diet. Chinese cuisine contains noodles, shrimp, pork and etc. Chinese food boxes are foldable, laminated or plastic made small in size boxes that hold Chinese foods and maintain the freshness and quality of the product. Such type of out of ordinary boxes is widely used in a restaurant across USA and China. In order to deliver hot or, cold items at customer door step endless featured packaging is required that not only maintains it quality but also works as a marketing tool.

Yummiest and tasty Chinese food items require packaging

The primary function of packaging is transportation; you can minimize the risk of spoilage and damaging. Food items require great care, constant temperature, and specific climatic conditions, otherwise, these would spoil. Smart and special types of packaging that are trendier nowadays specifically designed for food items, in future packaging, would tell you whether the food is edible or need to be thrown out. Chinese food boxes are designed under considering the requirements of the food; its life cycle, expiry date, size, weight and exact dimensions. Inner side coated material is used to prevent inside the box from air and sunlight that cause in damaging food items. Nestle milk and all other food items are specially designed to make things fresh and containment free. There are few sunlight harm rays that can enter even through thick sheets, these products require repackaging, bags packaging inside a box that totally reflects all rays. These bags packagings are produced through thin aluminum sheets or special laminated material. This type of packaging is not limited to Chinese food items but also recommended by packaging engineers for powders and liquid type materials. 

Material requires for Chinese food products

There are three regular types of packaging that are always suggested by industry expert, primary packaging, secondary and tertiary packaging. In primary packaging, you need to focus on individual units that are small and could be the sale to a customer directly in retail shops.  Secondary packaging is recommended for collection of multiple individual units, a secondary type is famous for grouping purpose. Large cartons that use for shipment and import-export purposes are falls in this category. In tertiary packaging, a few primary units are gathering, this packaging needs removal before displaying on any shelf and showcase. The only reason of tertiary packaging is to make them handy so a retailer can carry them easily. For instance, small biscuits in sticky packs would be primary units, a pack of dozen sticky biscuits would be tertiary and large carton that contains hundreds of biscuit packs would be secondary.  In order to make them safer and double their lifeline, we require quality and appealing packaging.
Cardboard material is shiny and smooth with an attractive and well-looking surface, used for packaging purposes. Its availability in different sizes, thickness, and weight make the point of attraction. Cardboard is recyclable and eco-friendly material, packaging engineers recommend this for Chinese food box. The corrugated material looks like three pressed layers in an alternative up and down manner. Corrugated boxes absorb water and moisture in greater amount, so these are not recommended for high-resolution printing of boxes, as they sink more ink. 

Customized Chinese food boxes ideas

Customization starts from cut and ends on production, each single step in designing can be customized, you can pace your company name, logo, the barcode for price and quality standard, expiry date and all relevant info on the box, the main challenge is to place all such elements on appropriate places. What customer wants to see in front of the box and what is less prior for a customer, you need to know, packaging analytics reveals such facts and helps in decision making. There are different tests available that could help you in getting analytics, engineers test and consumer tests help in a decision-making process. In the consumer test, you require throwing your products at small level into the market. Surveys, product reviews, sales and other signals can be measured in order to make the right decision at right time.

In Conclusion:

If you plan to get involved in Chinese food business or engaged with some restaurant that is specialized in Chinese food items then you need to critically focus on packaging and boxes. Without having proper and innovative boxes with a charming and fabulous design you can’t stand in the top list of the market. Once you carefully make the decision and succeed in producing better quality packaging that satisfied customer needs from all aspects, think you would be quite near to success.


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