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22 Aug 2017

We need paper boxes for a lot of purposes. Not just one or two, these boxes made of paper are actually quite handy in a lot of things. These boxes made of paper are mostly used as gift boxes, the ready-made gift boxes that we order online or even the favor boxes for the cousin’s party are all variations of boxes made of paper. Industries that are making paper packaging are benefiting the industries that made merchandise that needs cost-effective packaging.

Whether you are a brand that makes any type of merchandise, food, utility products or you are a company that makes toys, everyone needs the paper boxes wholesale in their business as a very important element. Other materials are not only extremely expensive; they are not even completely suitable for packaging of different types of products.

8 brilliant tips for paper boxes

Making paper boxes for your business? We will not tell you how to make them but we will help you understand 8 important things about paper box making:

1. Everyone tells you how to make a box but no books tell you how to make the most of the customization options you have available for making boxes. Before you place an order with your manufacturer, be sure to check out how it will look once the boxes are manufactured.

Paper packaging companies will be happy to provide you with a sample order or create a 3D mockup to save you from huge disappointment.

2. Paper boxes for food are printed using non-toxic inks. When you get your boxes made, be sure to discuss and confirm these things with the manufacturer. This thing alone will save you from huge disasters.

Printed paper boxes that are made for food, printed with non-toxic inks are made specifically for food so that the direct contact with food, of the box does not harm the buyer in any way.

3. The favor boxes and giveaways are the paper boxes for gifts that are made in bulk prices. There are many places where you can order them from but the professional manufacturers are offering cheaper rates and faster delivery with better quality boxes.

So you no longer need to spend a lot of time and energy finding a crafter for making custom paper packaging for your event specially themed and customized to suit your requirement.

4. Paper packaging industry is offering all types of add-ons and customization options for all types of products. They also have in-house designers that understand the requirements of the buyer and they do exactly as the buyer need.

These paper packaging suppliers are all offering free shipping if you order within the country so you no longer have to buy your packaging from China and put your money in risk by ordering thousands of boxes you may never need.

5. Paper packaging place that makes boxes with paper are always coming up with new ideas and innovations.

You can take any design to them and ask for any paper packaging material and they will have it for you. They will be open for new ideas synced with the new materials they have available.

6. Custom paper boxes must always be the same size as the product. The box should not be too big so the product inside rolls around in the box and it shouldn’t be too small to break the product.

7. Paper packaging for food is different and is made of a different type of material. If you are running a food business then you need to understand different types of boxes and which box suits the type of the food you make.

8. Paper packaging design for pastry business is festive type since they also categorize as food and gift both. Their packaging should be designed in a way that if someone needs to take home something as a gift and they are out of options, they can take your box of macaroon and that will be good enough.


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