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20 Sep 2017

Retail boxes wholesale packaging is affordable and a very convenient way to get packaging done in bulk based on the requirements of the product. Other than what the product needs and the types of packaging a product requires in order to look attractive or stay safe until it has been bought, there are also certain packaging trends and ideas for retail boxes UK that can cut down on the price of the packaging whole giving you the best option for the product.

1. Kraft box and minimal detail

Kraft is ruling the packaging industry and nothing has come closer to the benefits that Kraft packaging offers. Custom retail packaging boxes made with Kraft material are light weight which makes it easy and affordable to ship products with ease and safety. If you can’t decide on a packaging style for any of your new products get Kraft boxes with very little design and your logo on them and you can never go wrong with that.

2. Using presentation boxes for special packaging

Special packaging that includes seasonal packaging for regular products and retail boxes packaging for luxury products is done great in presentation boxes. Presentation boxes are not only used for a specific purpose.

3. Pillow boxes for soaps

Using pillow boxes for soap gives soap a good look. The smooth an style pillow packaging has a dimension that is very suitable for soap packaging and soaps packaging in these pillow boxes look great. Other stuff such as candles and cosmetics, even perfumes are also packaged in them.

4. Reusable boxes for the products

You can promote the use of your boxes after the product has been taken out or if the product is something like oats, cereal, coffee or tea then most people prefer keeping them in their original packaging to preserve their freshness. Reusable boxes are effectively opened and closed and are no damaged.

5. Die cut window on the box for product display

Window display in retail packaging is a great idea that makes products sells faster and the buyer develops trust for the brand selling the product because the brand is showcasing the actual product instead of using packaging design.

6. Boxes with a handle for ease in carrying

Handle boxes are also a hit because heavier products are easy to carry if there is a handle on the packaging. Gable boxes are a good example of such boxes.

7. Eco friendly boxes for any type of product at all

Eco friendly boxes are not difficult to make you just have to use eco friendly recycled and recyclable material along with non toxic inks to manufacture eco friendly retail boxes for sale. Retail packing that is made out of reusable material is great for the environment.

8. Tin packaging for food

Food packaging done in tin is a great example for multipurpose packaging. Such packaging always stays with the customer and they use them around the house for many purposes and the brand name printed on them keeps reminding of the brand. Such packaging is very useful and very convenient.

9. Re-sealable food packaging

Re-sealable retail boxes or packaging bags are also quite good. These are great for coffee and tea; you can leave some part of it plain or transparent for displaying the product.

10. Multipurpose packaging

Multipurpose packaging is for food businesses that sell fresh food. One type of packaging is enough for many type of food that a food business makes and one type of box ordered in bulk costs less. 


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