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22 Aug 2017

We need paper boxes for a lot of purposes. Not just one or two, these boxes made of paper are actually quite handy in a lot of things. These boxes made of paper are mostly used as gift boxes, the ready-made gift boxes that we order online or even the favor boxes for the cousin’s party are all variations of boxes made of paper. Industries that are making paper packaging are benefiting the industries that made merchandise that needs cost-effective packaging.

Whether you are a brand that makes any type of merchandise, food, utility products or you are a company that makes toys, everyone needs the paper boxes wholesale in their business as a very important element. Other materials are not only extremely expensive; they are not...

19 Jul 2017

Small businesses thrive upon ideas and innovations and are always on the lookout for new and recent developments, what’s in trend and what is out and so on. The most important factor of any small business’s success is to see how much they know about their product and how much they know about the target buyer and this can be easily witnessed in the attention to custom packaging that they use.

Small brands house very little capacity for both success and failure and they are struggling to make their presence felt in the market where old giants and high end brands have already been sitting for a long time having a dedicated consumer base that they cater to. In a market with the visible footsteps of already existing brands of the same...